WanderSea Photography

Wandersea photo cover

WanderSea Photography combines Carolyn’s love of travel and the sea as seen through the lens. Her passion to capture nature’s silent beauty and its juxtaposition with architecture or human-made interruption motivates her work. She also focuses on geometric surprises, reflection, secret spots and patterns in her photos.

Current collection includes images from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Jamaica, Finland, Russia, the Caribbean and Maine, California, North and South Carolina, Florida, and Hawaii. Each image comes with a vignette of the associated memory.

photo of crafty feast
WanderSea Photography strives to minimize packaging, use recycled products and re-use packing materials whenever possible. Prints are delivered without mats to reduce the footprint of shipping. Custom matting and framing can be arranged if requested and recycled and reclaimed U.S.A. based woods are used for frames.

Part travel journal, I hope this collection will inspire you to WanderSea the world with me!