Course: Introduction to Ocean Conservation and Policy

This course covers the fundamentals of current ocean conservation issues, the policies and management that drive and govern these issues, and the respective players. The ocean covers 70% of the planet and provides numerous benefits to humankind, yet the health of the ocean faces many anthropogenic threats and human-induced change. Designed to begin with a big picture overview of the most pressing issues, this course will then dive deeper into factors that impact or benefit the issue. Also, this course will map out the complex landscape of different viewpoints and stakeholders with special attention to the delicate balance of meeting conservation goals while benefiting societal needs. A new topic will be introduced each week – with an associated interactive discussion/activity post class. Topics covered will include sustainable fisheries and aquaculture; climate change and ocean acidification; marine protected areas and ocean planning; marine protected species; ocean trash and noise pollution; marine invasive species; restoration and geo-engineering; oil spill impacts to wildlife and ecosystems; and links between ocean health/resiliency to human health. Topics will be linked to national policy and to practical solutions to help improve the conservation problem. This course will link where relevant to coastal law and policy which focuses on the coastal zone and specific acts, laws and case studies.



Oceans and Human Health Policy Overview and Class – PPT with sound. Click here OHH Course_Policy Focus Sound.