Congressional Outreach

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The Oceans and Human Health Act (H.R. 4818 – Title IX) was passed in 2004 and implemented an Oceans and Human Health Initiative within NOAA that was a program until 2012. The NOAA OHHI included Centers of Excellence; External Grants; Distinguished Scholars and Traineeship Programs; and an Internal NOAA Awards Program. One aspect of the Federally-mandated program, required interagency and internal reporting and updates (see the NOAA and Interagency Page for more information about Federal reports).

Through her position with NOAA OHHI, Carolyn co-led, managed and/or assisted in Congressional communications including briefings, meetings, talking points, delivery of interagency reports, responses for staff requests, staff field trips and training of scientists to deliver information to legislators. These actions were conducted in coordination with NOAA’s Office of Legislative Affairs, NOAA Communications and other agencies or partner institutions.

Here are a few examples (click links where available):

  • Legislative Office Visits:
    • OHHI joined NSF-NIEHS OHH Centers for Hill visits to update interested staff on status of joint and on-going oceans and human health programs. April 2010.
    •  One on one legislative office visits with partner institutions. March – April 2008.
  • Legislative Training Workshop for Scientists: OHHI Consortia for Graduate Training Traineeship Program. October 21, 2010.
  •  Legislative Field Trips: San Francisco, CA; Charleston, SC; College Park, MD. 2009.

See the NOAA and Interagency Page on Carolyn’s Web site for a list of required federal reports or contact her directly for more information.