Defying Ocean’s End

defyingoceans end

“Defying Ocean’s End is the result of an unprecedented effort among the world’s largest environmental organizations, scientists, the business community, media, and international governments to address these marine issues. In June 2003, in the culmination of a year-long effort, they met specifically to develop a comprehensive and achievable agenda to reverse the decline in health of the world’s oceans.”

Stone, G., L. Madin, K. Stocks, G. Hovermale, P. Hoagland, M. Schumacher, P. Etnoyer, C. Sotka and H. Tausig. (2005) Seamount Biodiversity, Exploitation and Conservation. Chapter 2 in Defying Ocean’s End: an Agenda for Action. L. Glover and S. Earle, Eds. Island Press, Washington DC. 283 pp.

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