Travel Writing and Photography

Commune with Penguins and Find Your Groove in the Galapagos: A DIY Guide for Families
3 GalapagosBabyPenguinTintoreasSotka
24-Hours in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.


Wish You Were Here: Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam 


Wish You Were Here: The Southwest Islands of Japan. Where Ancient Reefs and Peaceful Shades of Blue are Set Against a Violent Past

1 IMG_0888 copy

Wish You Were Here: The ‘Devil’s Washboard’, Southern Japan


Wish You Were Here: Shika-no-shima (志賀島, Shika Island), Southern Japan


Wish you Were Here: Middleton Place and Inn, South Carolina

Middleton Reflections copy

Wish You Were Here: The Birthplace of Aotearoa and the Māori People – Hokianga Harbor, New Zealand 


Wish You Were Here: Treasure Beach, Jamaica


Wish You Were Here: Lady Elliot Island, Australia

Lady Elliot Aerial.jpg