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Save James Island Before It’s Too Late. Op-Ed in The Post and Courier


Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling in the Southeast Atlantic: What You Need to Know. What You Can Do. A Scuttlefish Feature. Part I

Photo by Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace & Reuters. 

Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling in the Southeast Atlantic : What You Can Do – State by State. A Scuttlefish Feature. Part II

STURGILL1Photo courtesy of Randy Sturgill, Oceana.

Stop. Watch This Now. This is What Happened in Santa Barbara and Will Happen to Your Coast if Proposed Offshore Oil and Gas Proceeds


Photo from Ventura County Star via Audubon.

David and Goliath – One Man’s Quest to End Myth Mongering at the Discovery Channel 

Photo from Discovery Channel & David Shiffman.

Life in Salt: Dr. Julia Platt – Meet the Brilliant, Obstinate Heroine of Monterey Bay
Vermont Quarterly: Spring 2011 Issue: Neighbors,Comrades Across Time

Photo from Monterey Public Library, History Room Archives &  Reproduction from the University of Vermont Archives.

The World Loses a Formidable Force for Protection of West Coast Fisheries: Zeke Grader, Dies at 68


Photo from PCFFA and courtesy of Sara Randall.

What Do Shark Bites and Lightning Strikes Have in Common?

Riley Harris_1_editedPhoto courtesy of Jason Harris.

Behold the Elusive Feegee Mermaid. “The Very Perfection of Art, Imitating Nature


In a Post Apocalyptic World, Zombie Surfers are the New Locals in this Oddly Serene Music Video

zombie1Still from Air’s Nicolas Godin‘s new music/surf video.

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