Trees of Life Series

Original photography. 5×5 or 8×8 wood blocks – ready to hang.

WanderSea Photography by Carolyn Sotka _Trees of LifeFullSizeRender (1)

Trees from Dixie, Mansfield and Middleton Plantations featured March 19 at a ‘Lowcountry PopUp’ at West Elm on Upper King Street, Charleston – South Carolina.


The Tree Is Here, Still, In Pure Stone – Pablo Neruda

The tree is here, still, in pure stone,
in deep evidence, in solid beauty,
layered, through a hundred million years.
Agate, cornelian, gemstone
transmuted the timber and sap
until damp corruptions
fissured the giant’s trunk
fusing a parallel being:
the living leaves
unmade themselves
and when the pillar was overthrown
fire in the forest, blaze of the dust-cloud,
celestial ashes mantled it round,
until time, and the lava, created
this gift, of translucent stone.